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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Welcome to Badre's Space!

Dear Users,
First of all, thank you for visiting this space. I hope you find the content of this page interesting and motivating enough to push you react to t and interact with it through your viewpoints, feedback, and adds-on.
The orientation of this blog is, as its name reads, about any field of educational human, social, and communication studies. I chose to call it the third space as a reference to Hommy Bhabha's concept of "the space" where both extremes opinions about selected topics and issues could be mingled, interacted and intertwined for the sake of generating or regenerating a new perspective,  a hybrid one, an intellectual perspective that brings together two opposing positions into an in-between, different, negotiated, and post-ist perspective that allows the coexistence of both "high" and "low" in a peaceful and post-modernly extravagant manner!
 Welcome to the third space where nothing is real but everything is possible!


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